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Face Reality

6.0 fl oz


Face Reality's #1 best-selling sulfate-free Ultra Gentle Gel Cleanser is safe for all skin types and acne types, including acne rosacea. The perfect daily cleanser to wash away the day (including makeup) and nourish the skin.


This sudsy, oil-free gel cleanser effectively, yet gently, cleanses excess oil and makeup without drying, leaving the skin soft and supple. Licorice root and green tea extract nourish and protect with powerful antioxidants, while mushroom extract provides vital hydration and barrier protection. It's our number-one choice for clients with acne-prone skin and is especially beneficial for those with inflamed lesions or acne rosacea.


      Ultra Gentle Gel Cleanser

        • Hydrates
        • Nourishes with antioxidants
        • Removes light makeup
        • Scent free
        • Vegan
        • Gluten Free

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