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At SkinQ, you will experience customized, results-oriented skincare treatments, performed by experienced professional estheticians. We use only the highest quality products from PCA Skin and iS Clinical that have been specifically curated, not only because of their performance, but also because of how the ingredients are sourced, and never tested on animals. You'll enjoy a one-on-one experience, within a comfortable and private treatment room, where you will be able to relax, learn about skincare, and really feel cared for.


60 MIN | $120

Includes all the essentials:

√   Deep cleansing

√   Skin analysis & consultation

√   Exfoliation

√   Head, neck, & shoulders massage

√   Extractions

√   Facial massage

√   Mask

√   Skin-specific treatment serums

√   Moisturizer & sun protection

√   Eye & lip treatment

To view a video demonstration, click here.

Wanting to keep it simple with just the necessities? This facial is great if you don't have a lot of skincare issues to address or if you just want a routine skin refresh.

70 MIN | $160

You'll get all of the essentials included in our Basic facial, plus:

Any ONE advanced treatment add-on, recommended by your esthetician.


Options include:

√   Intense Line Defense Treatment
√   Oxy-Detox Treatment
√   V
itamin C Brightening Treatment

√   Dermaplaning

√   Nano Needling

√   Customized Jelly Mask

√   Advanced Exfoliation Treatment

√   Foaming Enzyme Mask

√   Fire & Ice Treatment


Our Signature facial is what we're known for. If you're looking for amazing results, then this is the perfect choice for you. The advanced treatment options available in this facial have been intentionally curated due to their high degree of effectiveness. Trust us - it's the best!

80 MIN | $195

Indulge in our most relaxing and pampering facial. This facial incorporates the award-winning Celluma™LED light therapy, proven to be effective in treating a multitude of skincare concerns.


This luxurious facial includes everything in our Signature facial, plus:

LED Light Therapy, including a relaxing hand & arm massage.

Benefits of LED:

√   Stimulates collagen production

√   Reduces inflammation

√   Treats mild to moderate acne

√   Helps to reduce the appearance of fine

         lines & wrinkles

√   Soothes comprised skin conditions

         such as rosacea, eczema, & psoriasis

To learn more about LED, click here.


There's no need to worry about deciphering what option is best for you! But if you're a skincare guru who loves to learn, you'll find a comprehensive list of the available modalities below.


As part of our Signature and Deluxe facials, our expert estheticians will carefully examine and analyze the current condition of your skin and provide recommendations for the advanced treatment options that are most suited for your unique and beautiful face.

Aging Skin
Pregnancy Safe
Intense Line Defense Treatment
If you want to repair the signs of aging, fade pigment, reduce pore size, tighten your skin, and just look overall more fabulous, then this is for you. With this treatment our retinol peel does all the talking, followed by a warming age erase mask. You’ll leave looking snatched and ready to conquer.
Oxy-Detox Treatment
This 3 step system oxygenates and detoxifies tired and sluggish skin by stimulating circulation, and calming inflammation and acne breakouts. It’s the best thing ever if you have a big event on the horizon because it leaves your skin with a lasting glow.
Vitamin C Brightening Treatment
Do you want your skin to be lifted, brightened and exfoliated with no downtime? Yeah you do! This vitamin C and enzymatic formula does ALL of these things, and you’re going to love it!
This no downtime “deep shave” gently exfoliates the surface layer of dry, dead skin, removes peach fuzz, and leaves your skin baby soft. It’s a fan favorite. And nope, your hair will not grow back darker.
Nano Needling
This is microneedling's baby sister, with no pain or downtime. It deeply penetrates serums into the surface layer of skin by transdermal delivery - plumping it up, hydrating it, and making it happy. The treatment addresses just about every skin concern (except rosacea and active acne).
Customized Jelly Mask
We have Jelly Masks that address just about every concern under the sun. What do they do, well that depends on what you’d like to address, but in a nutshell they seal in moisturizer, plump, cool, and calm. Plus they look really cool!
Advanced Exfoliation Treatment
Speed up cell turnover with this light to medium depth AHA/BHA chemical exfoliation. The end result is lightened, tightened, and brightened skin, oh my! (Please note: The total service time may be shortened since the use of steam during a facial is not permitted in combination with this treatment.)
Foaming Enzyme Mask
This treatment contains fruit enzymes and a botanically sourced glycolic acid when massaged under steam, reinvigorates your skin to a state of gorgeousness.
Fire & Ice Treatment
If you’re a Game of Thrones fan, then this is the treatment for you! The main ingredient is dragon’s blood! Just kidding. Simply put, this intensive treatment from iS Clinical quickly and safely resurfaces the skin, refines fine lines and wrinkles, smoothes and softens. Also, all of the Hollywood celebrities do it, including Khaleesi.

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