Skincare is not cookie cutter - what’s best for your friend may not be what’s best for you. Therefore, we require all first time clients to, please, schedule this 90-minute Customized Treatment. This facial includes: extra time to learn about your expectations and skin, cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, relaxation, and masking. We’re so excited that you’re choosing us to take care of you. Thank you, thank you!


Custom Facial

60 mins

Don’t know exactly what’s best for your skin? No problem! This facial is completely tailored to your skin type. First, to learn more about your skin, we’ll start with a thorough consultation, followed by a results-oriented treatment. This facial includes customized product selection, cleansing, exfoliating, extracting, and corrective masking. You'll also receive a de-stressing face, neck, head, and decollate massage. By the time we’re done you’ll leave with a better complexion, more knowledge, and pretty much feeling awesome!


This facial is an excellent choice if you're short on time and just need a quick pick-me-up. We'll cleanse, analyze your skin, exfoliate, extract and finish with the perfect treatment products. Done and Done.



50 mins

Blackhead and pimples? Ingrowns? Looking sluggish? Yep! Then this is the facial for you. The active blend of lactic, glycolic and salicylic acids gently work their way into the skin to promote a purified, clear complexion, and makes for easier extractions (yay!). Next, relax with a hand and arm massage while a purifying mask works its magic. We’ll top everything off with healing serums and a light moisturizer, and you’ll feel ready to face the day.



50 mins

Is there something that you need to look straight up wonderful for? Or maybe it’s just Tuesday. Whatever the case, this treatment will leave you looking radiant!

4 Steps - Stimulate circulation, purify the bad stuff, customize with nutrient dense anti-aging serums, infuse with topical oxygenators. Sounds scientific? It kinda is.

  • This treatment is also great for acneic skin.


advanced exfoliation


Do away with both peach fuzz and dead skin cell build-up. A special non-invasive tool is used to gently resurface the skin into pure perfection. Next, an enzymatic gel is applied for further exfoliation, followed up with skin plumping, rejuvenating serums.

  • Not recommended for clients with severe acne.


This service may only be booked in tandem with one of our signature facial services. If interested, please leave a message in the notes section when booking your appointment.


PCA Peels

60 mins

Chemical peels really should be renamed “skin rejuvenators” because that is what they do. They rejuvenate the skin by giving it a smoother, brighter, tighter appearance. Using different types of gentle acids to speed up natural cell turnover, the skin will lightly exfoliate the outermost layer of dead, damaged skin. After a few days you’re left with a clearer, healthier complexion.

  • All peels include a complimentary post procedure kit ($40 value).


brow & lash tinting

eyebrow tinting, $18

eyelash tinting, $25

brow & lash tint combo, $37





for men

brows, $18
lip, $12
chin, $12
nose, $15
ears, $20
sideburns, $10
full face (brows not included), $45

underarm, $20
arms (half/full), $25/$40
legs (half/full), $45/$70
basic bikini, $28
modified Brazilian, $40
Brazilian, $60

back, $55
back + shoulders, $70
chest, $30
abs, $30
chest + abs, $55
back, shoulders, chest, + abs, $120
men’s Brazilian, $80