Meet Emily Voelker

Owner & Licensed Esthetician


Emily has a lifelong connection to skin care. As a young woman dealing with acne, she learned at an early age the importance of a good skin care routine.

Emily attended the Aveda Institute in Cincinnati, Ohio to turn her passion into a career. She went on to work in high-end day spas, small operations, and medical offices. Along the way, she has taken bits of knowledge from each, giving her a unique perspective to give clients the best service possible.

Throughout the years, she has frequently discussed opening up her own space with clients, family, and friends. Feeling a hole in Andersonville for a boutique giving clients extra attention and one-on-one care and advice, Emily decided to take the big step to open SkinQ.

SkinQ’s focus is on graceful aging and anti-acne treatments that are both effective AND relaxing. Emily is also certified in Oncology Esthetics, able to care for health compromised skin affected by cancer and chemotherapy.

Thanks for being a part of our story. Cheers to happiness, good health, and gorgeous skin!